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Handy wipes are produced as air-laid paper where the fibres are carried and formed? - 2017-12-01 15:03:40

Handy wipes also known as a wet towel, or a moist towelette, is a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that often comes folded and individually wrapped for convenience. Wet wipes are used for cleaning purposes, like personal hygiene or household cleaning.

Handy wipes are produced as air-laid paper where the fibres are carried and formed to the structure of paper by air or with nonwoven spun-lace fabric where fibers are intermingled with hydro entanglement through very high pressure of water . They are moistened with water or other liquids like isopropyl alcohol depending on the applications. The paper might be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfume to adjust the properties or "feeling". Preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone are used to prevent bacterial or fungal growth in the package.

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